Tektonika is a community-led journal that makes tectonics and structural geology research accessible to everyone worldwide. There is no cost to publish in Tektonika, and no cost to read our articles: this is Diamond Open Access. We work to provide an inclusive, equal, and diverse environment for scientific discussion that all can engage with and enjoy. To ensure an open and safe scientific environment, we expect all participants to conduct themselves courteously and professionally when engaging with or representing the Tektonika community. We will not tolerate abuse or intimidation of any form, and we will take swift action on any reported incident involving the breaking of our ethos.

Three primary groups will interact through Tektonika: authors, reviewers, and editors. In addition to following the overarching ethos outlined above, each group is expected to read and abide by the guidance set out in our Code of Conduct when submitting, reviewing, or handling manuscripts. We also encourage the reading of sections that may not immediately appear pertinent. Please note that this Code of Conduct is constantly evolving and may differ from the one you read last time (last update: 12/05/2022).


Tektonika is a free to publish, free to read, peer-reviewed journal. We want your science, not your money.