Tektonika is a community-led diamond open access (DOA) journal publishing research in structural geology and tectonics. Tektonika welcomes research covering a range of subdisciplines and themes, including (but not limited to) the following:

- Plate tectonics, large-scale tectonic structures, geodynamics

- Tectonic settings (extensional, convergent, and strike-slip) 

- Deformation mechanisms, microtectonics and rheology

- Regional geology and paleogeography

- Modelling of tectonic processes

- Time scales, rates and age determinations of tectonic processes

- Fault kinematics and mechanics

- Active tectonics and linked surface processes

- Earthquake geology, seismicity, tectonic geodesy

- Planetary geology

- Deformation unrelated to regional displacements (salt tectonics, impact geology, magma emplacement);

Some of these topics sit on the interface with the scopes of Volcanica, Seismica and other sister DOA journals, and some manuscripts may be more suitable for them. Perception of Tektonika’s scope may evolve through time as these interfaces become clearer. Final decisions regarding suitability for publication lie with the journal’s editorial board.


Publication Requirements

Articles submitted for publication in Tektonika should conform to the journal’s scope, as well as to its ethos and code of conduct, with particular consideration to:

ACCESSIBILITY: Authors should make sure that figures are accessible and inclusive (see Tektonika Figure Accuracy and Inclusivity Guidelines)  

REPRODUCIBILITY: All elements necessary to understand, evaluate, replicate, and build upon the submitted work must be made available whenever possible. This applies to data, code, software, maps, and methodologies. If applicable, supplementary data should be submitted in addition to the main manuscript body.

ORIGINALITY: The work presented must be original, and when the work of others is presented it must be appropriately cited and quoted. 

For further guidance on publication requirements, authors are referred to Tektonika's manuscript and figure guidelines, as well as to the publication process page.